Coldhearted II

My work will be featured on Saturday at the Coldhearted II art/craft event, which is being held at the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym.

This article in discusses the event, and quotes me– ¬†“Buy Local: Coldhearted II at the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym“.



What I Do

As you can see, I’m involved with many different types of projects. Over the years I have been working with wood and other materials– I have become very focused on reclaimed materials. With my knowledge of building and construction, I am able to successfully and safely dismantle deteriorating¬†structures¬†to salvage the beautiful material that they contain. I would rather reclaim planks of wood, siding, and hardware, preventing them from winding up in landfills, than use new materials for my work. I believe these salvaged materials have a history and appearance that cannot be simulated in new products. I’m constantly seeking out old structures and objects that can have a new life as furniture, art and architectural elements. My interest in the history of buildings and the craftsmen that built them allows for endless discovery and learning form the past. I hope to convey my reverence for this history in my work and practice using reclaimed materials.